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Hebei Wilda Welding Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade, focusing on the production and sales of welding equipment and accessories.
We are a large industrial and trade enterprise that integrates research and development, production, processing, and sales, with rich experience and strength in the welding field.

We Have 20+ Years Of Experience Work With Global Industries

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Founded in / yr

3000 +

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in scientific research / $

80 +

Excellent employees


Collaboration process

We put the needs of customers in the first place, and are committed to providing customers with better solutions, and continue to update technology to create maximum value for customers. 

Negotiation stage

Preliminary contact: Contact us to express our intention to cooperate, and preliminary communication can be conducted via email or phone.


Provide solutions

Customization suggestion: Based on your needs, we will provide customized product and service solutions, including product specifications, quantities, prices, and other details


Contract signing

Business negotiation: Based on mutual agreement, conduct business negotiations, including price, payment terms, delivery time, etc. Contract drafting: After completing the business negotiations, we will draft a contract that clarifies the responsibilities and rights of both parties.


Production and delivery

Production start: After the contract is signed, we will start production and maintain close contact with you to ensure smooth production progress.


After sales service

Product Acceptance: You will have the opportunity to inspect the products we provide to ensure they meet your quality standards. After sales support: We promise to provide comprehensive after-sales service, including technical support, maintenance, and warranty, to ensure your long-term satisfaction.


Continuous cooperation

Regular communication: We will maintain regular communication with you to understand your feedback and needs, in order to further optimize our services.

Certificate showing

Services marketing

Provide broader and more comprehensive support.


The markets we have successfully expanded into
North America 、South America、Southeast Asia、Central Europe region

We are eager to expand our business into new markets
1. Global market:
Searching for new markets around the world and expanding our global business influence.
Provide personalized solutions tailored to the characteristics of different markets on different continents.
2. Emerging markets:
Explore emerging markets, especially in regions such as Africa and the Asia Pacific, and identify and meet the needs of potential customers.
Establish sustainable partnerships to drive the company's development in new markets.
3. Industry innovation market:
Looking for emerging markets in the welding field, such as advanced material welding, automated welding, etc., to meet the innovative needs of the industry.
Participate in industry innovation and provide cutting-edge solutions to customers.

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Welocome customers to inspect the factory and negotiate cooperation.